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Oklahoma State University

Student Spotlight

Our team of students accomplishes incredible things both inside and outside of the museum. Here we're sharing some of the highlights, including blog posts, photos, links to students in the news, and more.


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See our current student team and our student job openings (when available) by visiting this page.

Our student-managed Tumblr takes you behind the scenes to hear about their diverse experiences and interests. See it here.

The Student Advisory Committee, open to all OSU students, meets at 6 pm on the first Thursday of every month.


Behind the Scenes
by Elizabeth Kalenits | March 13, 2018

"I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience, because I have always wanted to see what happens behind the scenes when things are not on display in exhibitions." 

Click here to read the full post on our Tumblr.




Let's Talk!
by Gianna Martucci-Fink | March 6, 2018

"Let's not only discuss pressures women have to face to maintain the appearance of perfection, but also critique and analyze social standards of beauty through art and feminist lenses." 

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Interview with Cassidy Petrazzi
by Audrey Gleason | Feb. 27, 2018

Audrey sat down with Cassidy for an update after the successful premiere of "George" at MoMA's DocFortnight Film Festival.

Click here to read the full interview.





On The Right Track
by Sarah Machemel | Feb. 20, 2018

"So if there are any other art students out there who worry that what they are learning isn't important, just know it is." 

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Photo Filter Fun
by Audrey Gleason | Feb. 13, 2018

"It's been really fun to dive into art with our visitors and know that I helped them learn something new about the possibilities for creativity." 

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The Steerage
by Mark Hill | Feb. 6, 2018

"[The Steerage] shows the perpetual reality of a society where people can share the same space but live in two different realities."

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