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Oklahoma State University

The State We're In Water

The State We're In Water: Constructing a Sense of Place in the Hydrosphere

August 11, 2020 to January 23, 2021

Signaling Water: Multi Species Migration and Displacement

April 7, 2020 to December 12, 2020

Visiting Artists

Robin Lasser, Professor of Art, San José State University, San José, California
Marguerite Perret, Professor of Art, Washburn University, Topeka, Kansas


Exhibition Designer

Bruce Scherting, Director of Project Art & the Medical Museum, University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics



Due to the travel restrictions put in place by Oklahoma State University, visiting artists for the exhibition Signaling Water will not be visiting OSU in March. Events associated with the exhibition will be postponed until further notice. Please stay tuned as events and workshops will be rescheduled.


Related Programs:

  • Science Café with Artists Marguerite Perret and Robin Lasser - March 24
  • Final Friday - Visiting Artists Meet & Greet - March 27, 2020
  • Haiku Flag Workshops at the Prarie Arts Center - Rescheduled date to be announced.
  • Haiku Flag Workshop at the OSU Student Union -  Rescheduled date to be announced.
  • Port Catoosa Visit with Artists Marguerite Perret & Robin Lasser - Rescheduled date to be announced.

More to come!

Partnerships + Participants:

  • The Prairie Arts Center, Stillwater
  • Students and Faculty in the OSU Environmental Sciences Graduate Program (Dr. Scott Stoodley, Director)
  • Students and Faculty in the Unmanned Systems Research Institute (Dr. Jamey Jacobs, Director)
  • Students and Faculty in the OSU School of Architecture (Faculty mentor & collaboration coordinator, Paolo Sanza)
  • The Office of the Vice Present of Research (Dr. Kenneth Sewell, VP)
  • The Lake McMurtry Foundation (Jill van Egmond, Executive Director)
  • Sara Hill, Cherokee Nation, Attorney General, Formerly Secretary of Natural Resources
  • City of Stillwater, Oklahoma
    • Lou Ann Fisher, Director of Compliance
    • Jason Tyler, Superintendent, Wastewater Treatment
  • Kelly Kerr, Student Media Coordinator, School of Media and Strategic Communications
  • Adam Johnson, Source Water Protection Manager, City of Tulsa
  • Jason Aamodt, Attorney, Environmental & Social Justice, professor, University of Tulsa, College of Law
  • Ashley Nealis, Regional Supervisor, Fish Division Kaw Lake, Ponca City, Oklahoma

About the Exhibition:

Opening in August 2020: The State We're In: Water is and interdisciplinary project that includes an arts-based research residency and multiple exhibitions. The exhibition features five installation works by lead artist Marguerite Perret in collaboration with artist Robin Lasser, exhibition designer Bruce Scherting, and scientists in water, environmental science, unmanned Systems Research, plant biology, and more. Through sensory-rich video, sculptured forms, and visually complex constructions, the exhibition explores wastewater recycling; watershed habitats; the imprint of water movement on the land. Symptomatic of global issues, the local situations presented will engage University, local, and regional communities of all ages in the inviting, immersive experiences the installations offer. The goal of the overall project is to activate visitors' sense of place and social involvement and to present art as a powerful learning platform for science.

Opening April 7, 2020: The exhibition Signaling Water: Multi Species Migration and Displacement. The first version of Signaling Water opened at the Sorbonne University in France in June 2019 and traveled to Osaka Japan in October 2019. It is a collaborative community engagement projected created by Robin Lasser and Marguerite Perret.

Inspired by the international nautical code system, the Signaling Water exhibition includes a collection of over 100 flags created by their students alongside international artists responding to the environmental, social, personal, and political issues surrounding water. Visitors will have the opportunity to see unique hand-made signal flags and signal flag kimonos, a book and film documentation of the flags installed as public art and flown in parades/performances at the Pacific Ocean in the San Francisco Bay Area, Seine River- Paris, Japanese Sea, and Oklahoma lakes and the Port of Catoosa, an international shipping complex in Tulsa that connects the middle of the country to the Gulf Coast and the world.  During their residency in Stillwater, the artists will conduct free workshops at the museum to encourage visitors to create their own flags which will become part of the overall exhibition.

Signaling Water: Multi-Species Migration and Displacement is phase 2 of a 3 phase interdisciplinary arts-based research project, contributing to the full exhibition The State We're In Water: Constructing a Sense of Place in the Hydrosphere. The exhibition offers many opportunities for all to engage in workshops and  experiences connecting art and science.
This project is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts and by the OSU Museum of Art Advocates.