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Oklahoma State University



University Tours
Explore opportunities for faculty and students

The OSU Museum of Art offers many ways for university faculty and students to engage with the exhibitions and programs. Learn more.




K-12 School Tours
Inquiry-based tours for all abilities

We strive to provide inclusive tours that meet the needs of all learners. Students are encouraged to engage with art and each other by looking deeply and thinking critically. Learn more.




Private Tours
Self-guided visits or tours for groups 

Whether you're looking for a self-guided visit or a guided tour, we ask that groups larger than 10 let us know about your museum visit in advance so we can staff accordingly. Learn more.


Homeschool Tours
Encouraging students of all ages and abilities to interact with art and each other

Just like our K-12 tours, we aim to provide an experience that meets the needs of all students. Because many homeschool groups include students of multiple ages, we will work to ensure the tour is appropriate for all ages. Learn more.