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Oklahoma State University

Washed Up


About the Exhibition

Washed Up explores the environmental challenges of water insecurity and climate change to human life and biodiversity through the lens of art. The multimedia installation by Kansas artists Marguerite Perret and Bruce Scherting incorporates photographs and porcelain casts of aquatic specimens. These components represent what might have washed up on shores 250 million years ago and what is washing up on shores today.

The first of a three-part exhibition series, Washed Up invites visitors to think about the impact of water events — regionally and globally — on geographies, cultures, and economies.


1. Marguerite Perret, Untitled (Cretaceous-era Ammonite), rephotograph of fossil specimen, digital print, 20 x 30 inches.

Ways to Get Involved

Connect with the Artists

Are you interested in the geologic impact of water on landforms or wastewater reclamation? Do you have a fondness for literary or performing arts, or a passion for community activism?

Artist Marguerite Perret and her team are eager to find interdisciplinary connections among the science of all things related to water, the fine and applied arts, and society and water. Get connected with the team to discuss collaboration opportunities.



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February 20 | Join us for a reception to celebrate the exhibition, presented in partnership with the OSU Division of the Vice President of Research. Free and open to the public. 4 to 6 p.m.

Educator Resources

  • Discover student engagement opportunities, resources and activities relative to the exhibition. See our Sway.

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