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The OSU Museum of Art

The OSU Museum of Art is the university’s official exhibition hall for art, and the host of a growing permanent collection containing paintings, photographs, and unique art from around the world. The Museum’s mission enhances the educational and research mission of Oklahoma State University which is defined by its land-grant traditions of services and access for the citizens of the State.
Located in the downtown historic district of Stillwater, the museum is at the corner of Husband and 8th Street.
Oklahoma State University Museum of Art advances creativity, lifelong learning, and cultural and civic engagement through exhibitions and programs. The Museum contributes to the academic research and teaching of Oklahoma State University and is committed to serving learners from communities across Oklahoma and beyond.
Through exposure to original art, the Oklahoma State University Museum of Art will be a dynamic, innovative center of learning by providing a laboratory for creative thinking, interdisciplinary perspectives, and participatory experiences for all people.


Values of the OSU Museum of Art




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