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Transformative Power of Art

We present art as an important avenue of visual learning to cultivate critical thinking, interdisciplinary perspectives, and personal transformation in our image-dominated world. 

Inclusive Community and Diversity

We value the richness inherent in differences and multiple viewpoints, and nurture a welcoming atmosphere that is open, accessible, supportive, and equitable.

Connection and Opportunity

We foster connection among our campus and community members through education and a respectful and safe environment. We facilitate opportunities to be co-creators of knowledge, teach students, engage audiences and promote understanding and professional development through the visual arts.

Curiosity & Creative Risk-Taking

We value receptivity, open dialogue, and innovative thinking to encourage curiosity, critical thinking, and creative risk-taking.


We explore and bring to light new knowledge and ideas through research and programming and exercise imagination and creativity in our work. 

Continuity & Advocacy

We believe that by nurturing the imagination of young learners and students of all ages, we will stimulate the next generation of artists, innovators, cultural producers, and advocates.

Excellence & Integrity

We carry out our work with the greatest responsibility and accountability and direct our collective effort to continually advance, innovate, and seek excellence in all endeavors.
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