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Belinda Chlouber - Word and Paint: A Collaboration with Family Writings

June 16, 2014 – August 30, 2014


As part of the Malinda Berry Fischer Gallery programming, the Postal Plaza Gallery was pleased to introduce Belinda Chlouber - Words and Paint: A Collaboration with Family Writings. 


This exhibition was inspired by Belinda Chlouber’s family poetry and writings. The artwork reflected the artist’s long time interest in the senses, communication, and how we interact with artwork. Through script, thread, and paint, Chlouber strives to re-weave the past and demonstrates its current, otherwise unseen, persistence in the present. Her mixed media acrylic paintings utilize textures from fabrics, machine embroidery/stitching, and monoprints. Chlouber loves to explore “traditional” women’s crafts, as she feels it reflects and connects deeply with the historical role of women. Chlouber often works with many layers so that when the work is examined closely, half hidden images are unearthed.


To honor Malinda Berry Fischer's dedication to and advocacy for the arts, as well as her deep roots in Stillwater, the OSU Foundation and the OSU Museum of Art have teamed up to provide a dedicated gallery space inside the Postal Plaza Gallery. Every summer, the Malinda Berry Fischer Gallery featured engaging exhibitions with a regional flair or local connection. 



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