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Red/Green/Cow: Selections from the OSU Museum of Art Permanent Collection

November 9, 2021 - January 22, 2022


Why the colors red and green? Well, a simple answer would be there is no real reason. The more complex answer would be that we, the lucky ones who can see colors, can’t help but notice them at every turn and immediately respond. It could be as mindless as stopping for red or speeding up for green. We are drawn to our favorites and can immediately identify our least. Colors can speak volumes without a peep.


Red/Green/Cow is a playful exhibition highlighting the OSU Museum of Art's permanent collection. Cultivated from the more than 5,000 objects in our collection, this exhibition pulls from works of art with a simple common thread—pieces that have the dominate colors red or green. And of course, cows for good measure. Because why not?


OSU Museum of Art staff




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