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Washed Up

January 8, 2019 - June 1, 2019


Washed Up explores the environmental challenges of water insecurity and climate change to human life and biodiversity through the lens of art. The multimedia installation by Kansas artists Marguerite Perret and Bruce Scherting incorporates photographs and porcelain casts of aquatic specimens. These components represent what might have washed up on shores 250 million years ago and what is washing up on shores today.


The first of a three-part exhibition series, Washed Up invites visitors to think about the impact of water events — regionally and globally — on geographies, cultures, and economies.

Reception February 20, 2019

A reception was held in partnership with the OSU Division of the Vice President of Research to celebrate this collaboration for Washed Up which is a precursor to an upcoming exhibition The State We're in Water. 
We are delighted to partner with our OSU colleagues as an ongoing fulfillment of our teaching mission at the OSU Museum of Art.
Washed Up Reception


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