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Intentional Exposure: Photography from the Permanent Collection

April 2, 2019 - June 1, 2019


Featuring works by well-known photographers Gordon Parks, Sally Mann, Arnold Genthe, Imogen Cunningham and Robert Doisneau, Intentional Exposure invites visitors to think about what these photographers conceal and reveal. What is in their frame, what lies beyond it? Through exploration of historical context and technical choices, Dr. Louise Siddons' students shed light on what is represented in each image — and viewers are invited to draw their own conclusions about the stories being told.

Student Curators

Student Curators: Kayla Andrus, Hope Bailey, Roxanne Beason, Mario Bocanegra, Catarina de Araujo, Sheridan Dunn, Do Kim, Bianca Martucci-Fink, Riva Nayaju, Tanna Newberg, Ariel Reimbold, Chestike Williams and Katlyn Young. Museum Exhibition Course, ART 4813/5813.



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